By Rob on March 01, 2018

All apartments are fully furnished and come with everything you might need. And if you need a place to work, you are always welcome at our coworking which is located on the ground floor.

We have different types of apartments available, the prices are incl. VAT and including coworking membership.
You can come and pick one of the available ones and then simply pay with your credit card.
The winter prices are higher due to electricity cost for heating.
If you do not wish to use the coworking space the price per month is 60 Euro less (!).

Summer Prices (May-September)
Studio : 270 Eur
1 Bedroom: 330 Eur
South Side/Balcony 1 Bedroom: 390 Eur
Luxury 1 Bedroom: 450 Eur
Luxury 2 Bedroom: 630 Eur

Winter Prices (October-April)
Studio : 740 Eur
1 Bedroom: 860 Eur
South Side/Balcony 1 Bedroom: 1000 Eur
Luxury 1 Bedroom: 1100 Eur
Luxury 2 Bedroom: 1500 Eur

You can also rent 1 week or 6 month or even the whole year, please contact us for a custom offer.

Deposit for 1 month rental is half a months rent, for anything longer 1 months rent.

Additional Services

By Rob on March 01, 2018

Pickup from Sofia airport with private transfer is 60 Eur.