The Coworking Space

By Rob on March 01, 2018

We have 2 office rooms (more coming!) both equipped with redundant internet, desks, network printer and everything else you need.

You can also work outside get some tan or just relax in the sun.

Your first day is free, for more... these are the membership fees incl. VAT.

Per Day: 5 Eur / 10 Lev

Per Week: 20 Eur / 40 Lev

Per Month: 60 Eur / 120 Lev

Pay with Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard) or Cash.

FREE extras that are included in your membership:

  1. - receive letters and parcels (*)
  2. - storage for your personal belongings
  3. - Table Tennis & Punching Bag
  4. - and more to come!

For a small extra fee we can provide (in house):

  1. - Jacuzzi
  2. - Sauna
  3. - Laundry (tenants have free laundry access)

Feel like a swim or steam bath after work? 10 meter from the office with a special deal:

  1. - Pool
  2. - Sauna & Steam Room
  3. - Bar
  4. - Billiard table

Tenants have their fee in the rent included!

* unconditionally, even if you are abroad and not an active member